Our Mission

We want to show you that our products live up to the promise we’ve made.  And, that is that they, without a doubt, ROCK!

All of Eurometric’s products are designed to make you car come back to life and surpass the original performance level they were designed to achieve. At the end of the day, we just want to see you on the road driving your car like it was made to be driven, just like we do.

Our Story

I started making urethane bushings for my own BMW e21 and a few friends because they weren’t available anywhere else. This has been, and I hope always will be the passion for why I spend countless hours building parts. And c’mon, 30 yr old rubber bushings are worthless right?! Next thing you know, more people hear about it and keep asking me to build bushings for them. Even stuff I hadn’t even thought about making yet. So I get better and better at the process, and it’s fun and gives me a tiny bit of pocket money to reinvest in my e21 so I keep doing it.

Then, folks start telling me that they would rather buy generic products from another mfg that may or may not fit simply because they make theirs in red urethane. woohoo. But ya know, colored bushings really do look better than black, even if they do perform 100% the same. After about a year of casual research and some more prodding from prospective customers, I can’t ignore the fact that there is a small but vastly under-served market to provide performance urethane products to e21 owners, and there has to be a less expensive way to build colored urethane. Once I found a way, with a rather sizable investment, I was able to start producing the same products with colored urethane, which has inspired me to attempt to expand my product line to cover the entire suspension for a late model e21.

I have ability to develop and produce these products on a small scale and most importantly for the love of the e21 and it’s following to see if I can continue to help the community. For as long as I can, or until someone better comes a long to help you out, I am here for the e21 Legion. If it comes to it, I may have to expand my line to include other models in order to continue doing this. If that’s what it takes… So be it. As long as I am supported, I will do my utmost best to support you.


– Jesse Nemec, Owner of Eurometric


Oh, and BTW, I owe my good friend Adam Simmons with Lents Creative a big giant thank-you for not only pushing me to expand, but also in the initial creation of this site.