Here’s what your fellow enthusiasts are saying about Eurometric products:

A few months ago my E21 developed a very disconcerting shudder on braking, which was rapidly getting worse. Initially I suspected brake rotors, but I consulted with Jesse and he advised me to start with control arm to sway bar bushings. So I scored a bright yellow (to match my pinstripe of course!) set of Eurometric bushings, and WOW. It’s like having a new car. All the shudder on braking is gone. It’s WAY tighter in steering, body roll is significantly diminished, and to my delight, the 55 mph shimmy is totally gone! Driving actually feels safer to me now, not to mention a lot more fun.

A friend of mine who is a Volvo mechanic installed the bushings for me (the 740 series Volvos also have control arms, so he was familiar with the design). He was impressed with the Eurometric bushings, and commented that he thought Jesse’s design is a significant improvement over the original bushings.

Jesse is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about all things E21, and his devotion really shows in these great products. I can’t wait to get the rest of the set!

 – Susan Langenes, 1980 320i

Just received your subframe mounts and I am thrilled with the high level of craftsmanship. They look so nice it is almost a shame to install them away from view. Should have the cores back to you shortly. Will be placing an order for your sway bar bushing next. Thanks again!

 – Gary Summers, 1978 320i

I got a box with some Eurometric (Jester) bushings in it. I got the inner and outer control arm bushings, the sway bar bushings and the steering rack bushings. I was able to get everything but the steering rack bushings on in a matter of a couple hours. Fitment was good to perfect. Before I didn’t even know how much rattle and play I had in the front end. I guess I was just used to it. But, it was a night and day difference. Now the whole front end feels like its was cut from one piece of metal. Now there’s no play, no 55 mph shimmy, no more odd little rattles from the front end. Great products! I will be saving up my pennies to get the rest of the Eurometric goods as I can.

– Adam Simmons, 1981 E21